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Daggubati Venkatesh Life And Career At A Glance Overview:

The name you can is one of the best of by all the Indian movie lovers around the world. Although, he is mainly a production of the Telugu film industries but he is also parted in the Bollywood movies as well. The most interesting part of his acting is, he can adjust himself with any of the character that given by the movies authority. So far we come to know about him through the Telugu movies, he is better known to us by the Bollywood movies and the number is not the fact rather his quality of Bollywood movies marketing is the fact by which we know him better then any other star of Telugu movies.

Daggubati Venkatesh Some Personal Information:

Name: Venkatesh Daggubati
Date Of Birth: December 13, 1960
Age: 56 years
Origin: Film Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Occupation: Actor, Film Producer
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“Daggubati Venkatesh’s” career is spread over 30 years and his works are now mostly known by the fans. We better turn our view to the works of this man to get the actual view of works of this man. After all, the new generation of this time hardly know anything about him and thats why we predict that this article will help them most to look out the career of this man:

List Of Daggubati Venkatesh Telugu Movie Album:

Adallu Meeku Joharlu (2017) Guru (2017) Babu Bangaram (2016)
Gopala Gopala (2015) Drushyam (2014) Masala (2013)
Shadow (2013) Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (2013) Bodyguard (2012)
Nagavalli (2010) Namo Venkatesa (2010) Eenadu (2009)
Chintakayala Ravi (2008) Tulasi (2007) Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule  (2007)
Lakshmi (2006) Subash Chandra Bose (2005) Sankranthi (2005)
Gharshana (2004) Malliswari (2004) Vasantham (2003)
Gemeni (2002) Vasu (2002) Nuvvu Naaku Nachav (2001)
Prematho Raa (2001) Devi Putrudu (2001) Jayam Manade Raa (2000)
Kalisundam Raa (2000) Seenu (1999) Raja (1999)
Premante Idera (1998) Ganesh (1998) Suryavamsam (1998)
Pellichesukundam (1997) Preminchukundam Raa (1997) Chinnabbayi (1996)
Pavithra Bandham (1996) Saradha Bullodu (1996) Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu (1996)
Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya (1996) Dharma Chakram (1996) Taqdeerwala (1995)
Pokiri Raja (1995) Muddula Priyudu    (1994) Super Police (1994)
Abbaigaru (1993) Kondapalli Raja (1993) Anari (1993)
Sundarakanda (1992) Chinarayudu (1992) Chanti (1992)
Kshana Kshanam (1991) Surya IPS (1991) Coolie No.1 (1991)
Shatruvu (1990) Bobbili Raja (1990) Aggiramudu (1990)
Two Town Rowdy (1989) Dhruva Nakshatram (1989) Ontari Poratam (1989)
Prema (1989) Varasudochhadu (1988) Swarna Kamalam (1988)
Brahma Puthrudu    (1988) Raktha Tilakam (1988) Srinivasa Kalyanam (1987)
Vijetha Vikram (1987) Trimurtulu (1987) Bharatamlo Arjunudu (1987)
Ajeyudu  (1987) Brahma Rudrulu (1986) Kaliyuga Pandavulu (1986)

when you come to see this list, it is better to say that we just have take one movie from each of the year and sometime more then one on the basis of the popularity of the movie.

Meanwhile, his list of the awards is also very long by which you are going to be tired to read them all at a time. Thats why we are going to mention some of the awards which is prestigious and honorable for each of the actors.

Daggubati Venkatesh Awards:

“Kinnera Award” of 1986, Nandi Awards in the category of Best Male Debut (special) in 1986, Cinegoer Award in 1987, Vamsiberkely Award of 1987, Madras filmfans award 1988, Cinegoer Award 1988, Filmfare Award of 1988, Nandi Award of 1989, Bhagyanagar Award of 1990, Madras Filmfans Award of 1991, Madrasfilmfans award 1992, Cinegoer Award 1993, KarunaSevaSadan Award 1996, Nandi Award Filmfare Award and Kinnera Award of 1988 and many more.

As we have mentioned that this is quiet impossible to gather them all at a time and this will difficult for you either to read them all.

You better keep looking for him in the virtual medias where you are going to have so many information about him.

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